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  • May 05, 2020

How To Fix Canon Pixma Printer Printing Blank Pages

There are certain things that can genuinely upset a person, for instance, collecting all the files and records and a while later pressing the print securely and a while later keep down to get a thoroughly clear page leaving the printer. There are different things that can incite this issue, so here are thecustomary issues provoking the error of Canon Pixma printer printing blank pages with their appropriate answers.

The Authentic Principles That Instructs How To Fix Canon Pixma Printer Printing Blank Pages


The answers are here with right solutions to eradicate canon printer printing blank pages


Void Cartridges


Preceding printing any record, it is huge to verify ink or toner levels in cartridge. Possibly ink cartridges may have gotten empty after the last printing have taken place.

So it is recommended to verify the toner level and incorporate more ink at whatever point required.

Separate Cartridge

Without a doubt, even if the printer has full ink in cartridge and everything is all settled to print another document. It may transform into a piece unstuck and may not be in complete contact with electrical printer.

The best way to deal with discard is to remove all the cartridges and present them before long.

This will complete the electrical circuit and guarantee that everything prints and runs in a fitting manner.

This will surely help in removing issue of Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages.

Misguided Size Of The Paper

In case if the paper size setting that was at starting has now altered without coming back to favored paper size, by then that almost certainly made chaos for printer.

Go to the print see or print settings and assurance that right half of the paper is picked.

Plugged Up Nozzles

This kind of issue impacts those people who don’t use their printer all the time considering which the hard ink almost certainly plugged up the spouts.

In case printer has an option of ‘print head gush check’, by then select it and license the machine to clear the spouts.

This will help in ousting blockages and will enable ink to stream in reality. It will surelyassist in dealing with the issue of Canon printer printing clear pages.

Clear Pages In Document

In case while wishing to print a file that has various pages using an outside social affair, there can be clear pages for isolating the sections that are hard to avoid or delete from a report.

This can be really confounding. Curiously, the two Windows and Mac have thought of steps for guaranteeing that PC system ignores pages that are clear.

Clear Pages Printing Solutions In Different OS



As an issue of first significance, one need to open the printing tendencies. There are a couple of various ways that license a person to find a workable pace on different varieties of Windows.

Go to upkeep and a short time later snap on it. Starting there ahead, a person need to skirt the reasonable pages. Save these settings by tapping on OK.


Pick structure tendencies by taking off to the option of an open pioneer.

Considering different types of working structure. Either pick Print and yield, Print and fax or Printers and scanners.

To go to printers and scanners, firstly pick decisions and supplies.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, a person need to tap on drivers or decisions.

Tick the decision of skirt clear page and a while later select okay.

In case after following all these recently referenced advances, by then printer won’t print clear pages anymore but in case you are still facing numerous difficulties while making use of canon printer then it is recommend to get in touch with our supreme canon printer support for getting all kind of issues resolved without wasting any extra effort and time.