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  • Mar 07, 2020

How to fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

How to fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

If your Canon printer Showing offline in your PC then it is sure that it can not communicate with your computer for any kind of data transfer. You can not take even a single print from it until you change its status from offline to online. Canon Printer offline error is the most common error encountered by the several Canon printer owners. When you give the print command to print an urgent document and if your printer displays a printer offline error on your Computer screen make sure there is something wrong with the device’s software or hardware.

But sometimes it can be due to bad connectivity too. Either it is cable connectivity or wireless connectivity, make sure to connect your printer and computer with each source and port correctly. When it’s about to bring your Canon printer from offline to online, you must check every minor to the major aspect of connectivity and configurations of the devices to solve the issues as soon as possible. You can make the below-mentioned settings with your Canon printer and computer devices in order to fix the Canon Printer Offline Error.

Tips to Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue

Plenty of ways you can use to bring your Canon printer back to online. The most effective of them are as follows:

1. Check the Printer is ON

It is the basic point to be taken care of. When starting the troubleshooting procedure of your ‘Canon printer is offline’ problem. First of all, make sure your printer is on or not. An off printer will never show online.  Also, if the Wireless router or modem is off then also your wireless printer will not be able to connect your printer driver on your computer.

2. Restart Print Spooler Services

Print spooler service manages all the current print jobs in the print queue. If Print Spooler service stops working then your printer status will be off or it will not be able to decide what should be printed at present. Hence to restart the Print Spooler Services:

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  •  Insert service inside the search box of the Start menu. Then Click Services from the result.
  • Right-click on Print Spooler. Then click on Restart. Note: If Restart alternative grayed out, click Start instead.
  • Right-click on Print Spooler once more and this time pick Properties. Then set its Startup type to be Automatic. Click OK to store your settings.
  • Restart your PC and try and print your file to look if your printer works.

3. Uncheck Use Printer Offline characteristic of your Canon printer

If your Canon Printer’s status is set offline, then make it online first by following steps.

  • First, disconnect your Canon printer and flip it off and watch for 2-three minutes. Now, turn your Canon printer on and connect it with your PC.
  • Secondly, press Windows + I out of your keyboard and open the Windows Setting page. Here, choose the menu “Devices” and under “Devices,” click on “Devices and Printers” alternative.
  • Thirdly, select the icon with green-mark and right-click on it. Here, you will get a pop-up menu. From there, choose What’s printing alternative. If it is disabled already, then select the second alternative “Set as default printer” and re-click on at the first option.
  • Finally, click on the “Printer” option and therefore you could see another choice “Pause printing” and “Use Printer Offline.” Deselect them respectively

4. Update or Reinstall Your Printer Driver Software

  • On your keyboard, press Windows & R keys simultaneously to launch Run command box. Then type devmgmt.Msc within the field and click on OK.
  • In Device Manager window, find your Canon printer underneath Print queues. Then right-click on it to choose the Uninstall device.
  • Download the state-of-the-art driver in your printer model from Canon’s official internet site. Then deploy it on your computer.

Download the Canon Printer Driver from the Canon official internet site is a direct and straightforward way. it can be a bit time-consuming but more effective.

5.Contact Canon Printer Support

If none of the above troubleshooting methods help you in fixing your Offline Canon printer issue, connect with one of the best Canon Printer Support Experts. As you will dial their customer service number an expert technician will receive your call and provide you the appropriate help you were looking for. There is no time barrier for calling tech support executives. They are round o clock ready to serve you with highly reliable solutions related to your Canon printer’s troubleshooting.

In spite of trying all the hits and trials, if your Canon printer is still not turning online you should take it to the nearby Canon repair center to fix hardware damage if there is any. In most of the cases, the above-mentioned methods effectively troubleshoot the Canon printer offline issues within no time.