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  • Apr 10, 2020

How To Fix Paper Jam Error In Canon Printer

Paper jam in Canon Printer is a very common issue. There might be various reasons that cause this problem. In most of the cases, it happens when a small or large piece of paper gets stuck inside the internal unit of your Canon printer. Sometimes the printer gives a false error message of paper jam issues while there is no stuck paper inside the printer unit. It happens due to the overloaded Print Queue with multiple print jobs to be executed at the same time. “How to fix paper jam Error in Canon Printercan be much simpler to resolve, when you have the knowledge of some Canon printer paper jam troubleshooting methods.

Most of the Canon printer owners get highly troubled with this simple problem and take a lot of stress. It is because they don’t know how to remove paper jams from Canon printer. The present guide provides some very effective tips and tricks to remove the stuck paper from either side or part of your Canon printer. You just have to keep patience while removing the paper out of a particular printer unit. Making haste can increase your damage and result in unnecessary repairs.

If you are new to deal with this situation, you can take help from a leading Canon printer support in your area. The exclusive services of a reliable printer tech support avail you some user friendly and easily attainable fixes for troubleshooting your Canon printer’s paper jam issues. Also, you can go through the following Canon printer troubleshooting methods in order to achieve the up to date functioning of your Canon printer.

How to Remove The Stuck Paper From Canon Printer


1. When Paper Is Stuck In The Paper Output Slot

Paper Output Slot is the place from where the printed paper comes out. If there is a paper jam Error in Canon Printer then,

  • The first and foremost thing is to wait for some time until the printer finishes the executing print command. Or you can press the Stop button on your printer to cancel the print jobs.
  • Now turn off your printer and frequently turn it on again. In most cases, this process helps to remove the stuck print out of your Canon printer’s paper Output Slot.
  • If the paper is still not coming out then switch off your device and hold the stuck paper with the help of your both hands. Now pull it out slowly and gently.
  • After removing the paper, you can turn on your Canon printer back and resume its services.

If you hardly pull the document it can be torn and half of its portion can be left inside the output slot. It can also damage the paper output slot of your Canon printer. When you think it is impossible to pull out the stuck document, move to the next step.

2. When Paper Is Stuck In The Machine At The Transport Unit

After examining the paper output slot completely, when it comes to knowing that the paper is stuck a bit deep inside and can not be removed from the output slot, then remove it out from the transport unit of your printer. To do so,

  • Cancel the current print jobs by hitting on the Stop button. Then Power off your device.
  • If the document tray is opened, then close it and keep the document cover open.
  • Stand your Canon printer by keeping it’s right-facing down. 
  • Hold the machine securely and expose the transport unit.
  • Try to find the edges of the jammed paper and then pull it out by holding the edges. Be careful otherwise the paper can break into two pieces.
  • Now close the transport unit as before and set at its base.
  • Switch on the Power and turn on your device.

3. When Paper Is Jammed Inside The Printer

When both the units are clear but Canon printer paper jam is just like it was before, head to check up the Internal unit for the stuck paper.

  • At first, After switching off your printer and unplugging it from the Power socket, open the paper output cover and then check for the stuck paper inside the cassette. Make sure to not touch the clear film. It can be harmful to your device’s functioning.
  • If there is none, then check the Fine cartridges holder. If you see any paper there, then Move slightly the fine cartridge holder to the right and left edges.
  • Slide the Fine cartridge holder either left or right where it can easily move. After keeping it aside, hold the stuck paper and pull it in outward direction slowly.
  • Now inspect for another stuck paper or piece of paper. If there is none, close the transport unit

As you restart your printer it will resume the print operation, where you have left before.

4. When Paper is Stuck in the Auto Document Feeder

For removing the stuck paper in the Auto document feeder, turn your printer off and unplug it from the power source. Then open the Paper feeder cove gently and see if there are multiple pages, hold a few of them from the center and pull them out very slowly from the center. Then pull out all the papers by repeating the same process. At last, pull the stuck paper and it will come out easily.

If all units are clear and still the paper jam issue is there, you can restart your Print Spooler service and then restart your printer and computer too. It will definitely help you to resolve the paper stuck in the Canon printer issue.