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  • Apr 25, 2020

How To Set Up Canon Wireless Printer?

Canon is the most popular brand name highly known for manufacturing, feature-rich printers. Different varieties come in Canon printers. You can pick the one that best matches your needs and suits your printing objectives. You can buy an Ink-jet, Laser, wired or wireless printer as per your choice. All Canon printers give good print quality and ease of operation. Similar to other devices, Canon printers also have some flaws. Many users get stuck with “How to setup Canon wireless printer issue even in the beginning stage of working with a Canon printer.

Canon printer setup and installation is not a big deal to get bothered with. It is a quite simple process and you can do it within a few minutes by yourself. Having a Canon wireless printer can be more advantageous than a wired printer. It will not occupy the greater space due to the absence of net wiring and setups. These are compatible and portable printers to work with. Well, before you will touch your print objectives, it is a must to set up and install, your Canon wireless printer with your personal computer.

Essential Steps To Perform During Canon Wireless Printer Setup

First of all, read the user manual, that has come with your printer device. It will help you in understanding each and every part of your printer and their functioning. Now, head to the main objective of successful Canon wireless printer setup and installation. The whole process consists of two steps. Let’s have a detailed look at both steps one by one for both Windows as well as Mac PCs.


Step 1: Setup Your Canon Wireless Printer With Your Wireless Network

To connect your Canon wireless printer with the same wireless network to which your computer is connected, first of all, do some preparations.

  • Place your printer and computer in the nearby area of your Wireless network source or WiFi router. So the devices can access the full signal strength with no interference.
  • Keep your wireless network and other devices in its active state during the whole operation. Check power supply connections and remove all kinds of interference.
  • Write down the Network SSID and password of your wireless network at a safe place so you can use it for connecting the prospected devices.

Now, come to your Canon wireless printer and proceed to connect it with the WiFi network. Follow the below-mentioned guide. As you press the Power button, your printer turns on.

  • On the LCD screen of your printer, select Settings, then use arrow keys to move up and down. Go to Device Settings.
  • Press the down arrow key until you find the LAN Settings option. As you reach on LAN Settings press OK.
  • Go to Wireless LAN setup by using the arrow button and select the option by pressing OK.
  • Wait until the printer searches for the WiFi network and keeps the light blinking.
  • In the search results, use the arrow button to locate your WiFi network and then press OK.
  • Type when it asks you to enter your WiFi network’s password. Now press OK.

The above procedure will connect your Canon wireless printer with your prospected WiFi network.

Step 2: Install Your Canon Wireless Printer In your Computer Device

In this step, you will make a connection between your computer and the wireless Canon printer.

1. Install Your Wireless Canon Printer on Windows PC

  • Click the Windows icon or press the Windows key on your keyboard to launch the Start menu. Search Control Panel and click on it.
  • In the Control Panel window, select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  • Hit on ‘Add a Printer’ option.
  • Choose the wireless network devices by selecting the option ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’.
  • In the given list of wireless devices, Select the name of  your wireless printer and then click Next
  • Finally, install the exact printer driver either using the CD provided from your manufacturer’s end or by downloading from the official website of Canon.

Read and follow the instructions stated on your computer screen. It will install the Canon printer’s driver software into your device.

2.  Install Your Wireless Canon Printer on Mac PC

  • Click to the Apple menu on your Mac computer and then select System Preferences.
  • Visit the Hardware section and then click the Print & Scan option.
  • Click the + sign. It will open the search results for nearby printers. In the suggested list select your printer.
  • If your printer is not showing there in the list, click on the Default tab and try to search your printer.
  • If your printer is not located in the list then select the IP tab and insert the IP address of your Canon printer You can get this information from the system administrator of your system.
  • Finally, click the Add button.

In case of any inconvenience or difficulty, you can directly approach the Canon Printer Tech Support for instant help and assistance. With the help of expert tech support setting up and installation of your wireless printer with your PC becomes very easy. We hope, that the above-mentioned steps will help you to keep your Canon wireless printer up and running.